With a Retail Development Strategy, Pulido Plans to Arrange a Meeting with Piazza Developer

The City Manager hopes to provide Wang a retail match list.

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published June 10, 2011 (ONLINE ONLY) 

City Manager Jose Pulido plans to schedule a meeting with Randy Wang, developer and owner of the Piazza at Temple City, soon.

Pulido, who took over as the leader of City Hall in October 2009, intends to use the information recently provided by economic consultant The Buxton Company to help Wang move forward on developing his property.

“We will be scheduling in the next week or so, a meeting between Randy Wang and his representatives and Lisa Hill from the Buxton Company to review with them the retail matches that could be a fit for this commercial retail property,” Pulido wrote in his weekly city manager’s report on July 15, 2010.

The Piazza developer, who returned from a major trade conference in May, currently has two proposed ideas for his vacant land on the corner of Las Tunas Drive and Rosemead Boulevard.

His first plan is similar to a traditional strip mall. The development would be 50,000 square feet and would include one restaurant.

Wang’s second plan is more like an urban center that is approximately 67,500 square feet. This development plan would include two restaurants, as well as outdoor dining areas. In addition, two medium-sized retail plans would be available.

The city manager hopes to provide the developer with some retail matches, based on The Buxton Company’s analysis, suitable to whatever future development may exist on Wang’s property.

“It is very important that we meet as soon as possible and most definitely before Mr. Wang makes commitments to any retail tenants for his property,” he said.

The Piazza property has remained vacant for almost four years. The developer first won approval for a proposed mixed-use project in May 2006, but has failed to bring his former plan into fruition.

A couple of years ago, Wang countersued the city of Temple City, alleging that city officials had bribed him.

As a result, a councilman resigned, former Mayor Judy Wong is awaiting sentencing on July 22, and former Mayor Cathé Wilson is awaiting trial on July 23. Wong pleaded “no contest” in May to a number of serious bribery charges.


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