Senior Awards Breakfast Honors Upcoming Graduates

On June 1, graduating students received accolades for their high school achievements.

Written by JUSTIN LIN / Published June 3, 2011

Students at Temple City High School usually sleep in on Wednesday morning, as school starts later than usual. Seniors, however, woke up early on June 1 to attend the Temple City High School Senior Awards Breakfast, one of the final opportunities to celebrate achievements by themselves and fellow students.

Temple City High School gave invitations to those receiving awards to attend, and many seniors took this valuable opportunity as a final reflection of their high school career. The Senior Awards Breakfast also allowed seniors to remember their achievements during high school and how they managed to impact the school.

Around 250 seniors attended this event, and were served breakfast as the awards were given to students. Achievements included those who were part of the National Honors Society, the California Scholarship Federation, and other different scholar recognition programs the school has.

There was a mixture of feelings surrounding this award breakfast. Though this was a heralding of accomplishments during the school year, this was also a time signaling that for an end to their high school careers, a bittersweet moment for many seniors.

“Although I’m looking forward to moving on to college, I will definitely miss many experiences I had and people I met,” said Senior Kevin Hsiao, who attended the Senior Awards breakfast.

Additionally, the school traditionally announces the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of the year during this breakfast. This day was especially momentous for Jane Huang, who was the Valedictorian and Alex Lam, who became the Salutatorian.

The feeling of both pride and nostalgia in this bittersweet moment was prominent throughout the entire breakfast.

“It was nice to see everyone’s achievements be awarded,” Senior James Au said, who won an award at the breakfast for being a part of the California Scholastic Federation.

Select seniors were also rewarded with scholarships that celebrated individuals who made impacts not only in the classroom setting, but also in the community.

The Renaissance Assembly was June 3, giving seniors the chance to celebrate the colleges that they chose to attend in a school-wide assembly.

Whereas Renaissance Assembly was an anticipation of adventures to come, the Seniors Awards Breakfast was the remembering of the past, an opportunity to take a final glance at the past before moving forward once more.


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