Agency Approves Agreement with Habitat for Humanity

Five Temple City families to benefit from this fiscal year’s “Brush with Kindness” program.

Written by TAYLOR EVANKO / Published June 3, 2011  

The Temple City Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) on Tuesday authorized Executive Director Jose Pulido, also the city manager, to sign a contract with Habitat for Humanity.

The San Gabriel Valley-based organization will work with City Hall to select five families for the “Brush with Kindness,” a new home repair program.

“ This is a great thing for your city,” Sonja Yates, executive director of Habitat for Humanity, said at the city council meeting of July 6, 2010.

Both Yates and Damien Allen, the director of corporate and community sponsors, were present to answer questions from CRA members.

On Tuesday, Community Development Manager Joseph Lambert noted that $50,000 has been appropriated for “Brush with Kindness” during the 2010-2011 fiscal year. The CRA will use its Community Development Block Grant funding to pay for the program, staff previously said.

Everybody will be invited to participate in the program, Habitat for Humanity’s executive director said.

Those selected will have to meet the federal government’s housing 2010 guidelines, Allen stated.

The lucky five families will also be required to spend a certain number of hours making repairs to their homes. The amount will be based on how much money is spent for each project, Allen said in response to an inquiry by Community Agency Member Vincent Yu.

Allen noted that most Temple City projects will be completed in less than 50 hours.

Habitat for Humanity expects to begin reviewing applicants in August, after the public has been given the opportunity to apply.

Since 2009, Habitat for Humanity has worked with City Hall to bring about a partnership between the two entities.

CRA Agency Member Cynthia Sternquist, who initiated the idea of working with the non-profit organization, made the motion to approve the agreement. The motion was approved 5-0.


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