New Leadership for the Voice in Effect

Former Editor in Chief Jason Wu has stepped down to a new role.

Written by BENJAMIN CHAN / Published May 27, 2011 

Changes in the Editor-in-Chief, Senior Editor, and Assistant Editor positions of the Temple City Voice executive team have gone into effect as of Friday, May 20.

Former Editor-in-Chief Jason Wu has stepped down from his position to take the advisory role of Editor Emeritus. Wu will work directly with founder Matthew Wong in overseeing the executive team.

“My job would be more of an advisory role, taking less of a role with the newspaper production and management and more of an administrator and counseling role,” Wu said. “More so, I instruct and guide the executive team and staff and help them with making key decisions and communicating with the city.”

Current members of the executive team and regular staff have been promoted. Former Senior Editor Raymond Tran has been promoted to Editor-in-Chief. Former Assistant Editor Taylor Evanko will take Tran’s old position. Staff Writer Amy Fan has also been promoted to the Assistant Editor position.

“I wanted to create a new leadership dynamic, create some new energy for the following year,” Wong said. “I felt it was important to give people the opportunity to rise up the rank.”

Wong decided which members would be promoted in preparation for the transition of new members to the executive team.

“I’m looking to promote people who in some way have made a personal commitment to the Voice,” Wong said. “We’ll move swiftly to appointing the new [fall] Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editor to send emails out to apply for positions.”

Aside from the position changes there will not be any significant change to the rules, procedures, and content of the Voice.

“For the most part, we will concentrate on recruiting new members and training next year’s leadership,” Evanko said. “Seeing as it’s so late in the year, there isn’t enough time for significant changes to take effect if they are implemented now.”


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