Temple City High School “Goes Green” to Show School Spirit

TCHS revolutionizes school spirit week by “going green.”

Written by KEVIN WU / Published April 29, 2011 

From Monday, April 18 at 12:00am to April 23 at 12:00am, Temple City High School ASB held weekly events to promote the awareness of environmental issues and school spirit.

In conjunction with the Spirit week, the theme of the festivities was inspired by the 2011 Earth day, and the aim was to be as “’GREEN’ as possible.”

Junior ASB media commissioner Andrew Trinh explains the decision for going green for this year’s spirit week.

“ASB Leadership decided to do a Green Week because we felt it was long overdue,” said Trinh, “ [the event was] to bring awareness of it because sometimes we forget about the planet and we waste water and paper.”

Through various activities, ASB coordinators encompassed green ideas into the contests and the promotions of this spirit week.

As students entered the campus on Monday morning, they found signs, words, and symbols sprawled on the walls and floors, promoting the green spirit week.

These promotions were done so out of paperless chalk, and recycled newspapers to further enhance the idea of protecting the planets resources.

Trinh explains that ASB held the two events as integrated and related topics.

“Well first and foremost, we wanted to incorporate conservation with school pride,” said Trinh, “and our main goal was to get everyone involved.”

Students were given the opportunity to recycle and see the benefits of recycling. Selling drinks for the usual $1.25, students were given the chance to redeem their change of 25 cents for each bottle they returned and recycled to ASB.

Also from Monday through Thursday, a booth was held for students to recycle paper that would be later measured by the pound, earning one point per half pound to determine which of the four classes had the most school spirit.

At the end of the of the competition, Temple City High School students had produced over 20 trashcans fill with recycled paper. Throughout the week, ASB also gave facts and recommendations about or planet and how to go green.

Seeing the positive results in their results, junior Maggie Liu has high hopes for the following year.

“I definitely see this being an annual thing,” said Liu. “ [As] this was our first year holding the event, we just have to work out the kinks. But next year we can improve on making everything smoother and adding more events each day.”


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