Dial-A-Ride Application for Select County Residents Now Available

Limited service for qualified users to begin July 1.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published April 29, 2011 (ONLINE ONLY) 

Applications for select county Dial-A-Ride users are now available on the City’s website, Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Burroughs on Thursday wrote.

Earlier this month, the City Council voted 3-1 to approve expanding the Dial-A-Ride service to some county residents, whose homes border Temple City.

For example, those who live on the western side, from the railroad tracks up to Longden Avenue and over to San Gabriel Boulevard, are now eligible for the program. County residents to east of Temple City, from Santa Anita Avenue to Sixth Avenue around Live Oak Avenue are also eligible.

To prevent confusion, county residents will complete a different application from Temple City residents.

“County residents will have a different application and different colored membership card so they are easily identified by our contractors,” Burroughs wrote in the June 10, 2010 weekly city manager’s report.

In addition, the use of the Dial-A-Ride service will be limited to Temple City.

“County residents will be eligible for service into Temple City and return to their home address only,” Burroughs said. “They will not be eligible for transportation outside the City limits as Temple City residents are currently.”

The eligibility requirements for county users of Dial-A-Ride are the same as Temple City residents. Users must be 60 years of age and older, or be disabled residents.

The expanded service, which will begin July 1, comes after the City Council and Parks and Recreation commission, an advisory body, discussed and debated the issue.

Councilwoman Cynthia Sternquist, who was appointed to the City Council in 2009, presented the idea to her colleagues in April. The councilmember spearheaded the change in spite of the negative recommendation from the Parks and Recreation commission.

“I feel so strongly about providing services to these people,” Sternquist said the night the expansion was approved. She was referring to the county residents who were not given any Dial-A-Ride service, either by a neighboring city or the county of Los Angeles.

The expanded Dial-A-Ride service will run on a trial basis of three months. After that, the City Council will consider whether to make the change permanent or not.


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