City Agrees to Contribute Another $20,000 to School District for Upcoming Fiscal Year

Chavez: School District okay with contribution amount.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published April 15, 2011 

The City Council will be soon be asked to contribute another $20,000 the Temple City Unified School District, Mayor Pro Tempore Tom Chavez on Tuesday said.

The City’s contribution is part of a deal to renew the Facilities Use Agreement (FUA) between the two local entities.

“Our recommendation will be that we renew that use agreement at the same amount of money that we had last year, which was $20,000,” he said at the June 1, 2010 city council meeting. “The School Board indicated that they were at agreement with that.”

Last year, the City gave TCUSD an unprecedented $20,000 in exchange for a renewal of the FUA.

The lump sum was the first payment of its kind in Temple City history. It only came about after District officials in 2008 complained that there was an inequity in terms of the City’s use of District facilities.

At a special joint City-School District meeting in February of this year, District officials expressed a desire to have the City financially support a project to renovate the gym floors of Oak Avenue Intermediate School as part of the bargain to renew the FUA.

The estimated costs to renovate the gym floors were $80,000. The School District wanted the City to contribute half of the costs.

In return, the City sought to have an agreement to use the District’s parking lot across from City Hall.

Mayor Pro Tempore Chavez made no mention of either issue Tuesday evening.

Once the City Attorney drafts an agreement, the City Council will be asked to approve the transfer.

Also, the mayor pro tempore reported that TCUSD expressed a desire to work with the City on securing a grant for the “Safe Routes to School” program.

According to City Manager Jose Pulido, the program “funds improvements that allow kids to get safely from home to school and back.”

The program provides for “any amenities that would make the kids be more comfortable walking,” he explained.

The deadline for the grant is July 15.

Mayor Fernando Vizcarra, the other City-School District ad hoc committee member, was absent.


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