City Council Amends Overnight Parking Ordinance

City Council also amends ordinance outlining duties of a now defunct Public Safety commission.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published April 15, 2011 

The City Council on Tuesday, June 1, 2010, amended two City ordinances governing overnight parking and the Public Safety commission, a body inactive for many years.

The first, ordinance 10-935 amends the existing municipal code regarding overnight parking in Temple City.

Specifically, the new code does the following: creates new fees for annual and monthly permits, installs a new transfer and replacement fee, offers senior citizens a discount on permit, and limits the number of annual permits per household to two.

The second, ordinance 10-934, amends the duties of the Public Safety commission.

The Public Safety commission was first established in 1994, but went inactive in 1997.

There was no specified reason for what happened, Public Safety Officer Bryan Ariizumi said during the city council meeting.

As a result of ordinance 10-934, the Public Safety commission will serve as an appellate body for hearing parking citation complaints. Currently, City Clerk Mary Flandrick is the sole hearing officer.

The commission, as directed under ordinance 10-934, will also listen to residents’ opinions on public safety programs.

Whether the City Council fully restores the commission is unclear.

Councilman Carl Blum, despite casting a vote in support of the ordinance, questioned whether the City Council should consider reinstatement at the moment.

Appointed only a few months ago, Blum asked for more information, specifically on the fiscal costs of having the Public Safety commission in operation.

“I don’t have enough information to make an informed decision,” he said.


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