Second Annual Chinese Relay for Life to Be Held at Live Oak Park

The second annual Southern California Chinese Relay for Life will be hosted at Live Oak Park on April 17.

Written by AMY FAN / Published April 1, 2011

Sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society club at Temple City High School, the 2011 Chinese Southern California Relay for Life will be held at Live Oak Park, Temple City, on Saturday, April 16th.

This event is a non-profit 24-hour fundraiser where survivors, loved ones of cancer victims, and anyone willing to help out is invited to raise money and walk for those who are battling cancer.

Relay for Life is divided into three parts, which makes up their motto: Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back.

It starts with a survivor walk, then a candle-lighting ceremony to honor lost ones, and concludes by motivating the attendants to “make a personal commitment” against cancer.

Participants are invited to walk to raise money, have fun, and spend the night in tents in the 24-hour event. During that time, there will be booths to visit, as well as free food, and performances, speeches, or testimonies to serve as entertainment.

The majority of the event is mostly based on entertainment, like a festival, and everyone is welcome to attend, if only to enjoy the festivities and support cancer awareness and support for the survivors and those fighting cancer.

Participants who work on teams on-site have been suggested to raise $100 each for the cause. So far, at least 20 teams have been confirmed, with each team having anywhere from ten to 25 members, resulting in the raising of anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000.

Relay for Life is hosted by Temple City High School’s American Cancer Society club, and will be conducted by volunteers around the region who are part of the organization, or other ASC clubs. This year, it will be held in Live Oak Park instead of the Temple City High School track.

As an event dating back to 1985, Relay for Life started from a tradition created when Dr. Gordy Klatt ran for 24 consecutive hours to raise money for cancer. It is now an international event that spans in 19 different countries outside the United States.

This upcoming Relay for Life features a Chinese division, created to reach out to Chinese communities in America that suffer the universal response to cancer. However, most of the performances and the event will be conducted in English, while there will be many Chinese-speakers volunteering and holding booths.

The event is being coordinated by Ling Wu and Edward Wu, a couple based in Agoura Hills.

Having worked on the first Chinese Relay for Life last June, which was held at the Arthur North Field at the high school, they have been working with the Chamber of Commerce on continuing the project in Temple City.

They had hosted the last Chamber of Commerce mixer on March 21 at City Hall, showcasing the event.

Heidi Chow, Miss Temple City 2010-2011, has also sanctioned the event, as her platform issue is cancer awareness.

“Relay for Life is an unforgettable experience.” Chow said. “It’s an amazing community-bonding event that brings family, friends, businesses, survivors, and fighters together for the race to find a cure. It’s entertaining, tear-jerking, and inspiring all at the same time. Everyone is cordially invited to our Temple City Relay for Life to come together for a great cause and a great time.”

While everyone is invited to join in the Chinese Southern California Relay for Life, flat donations will also be accepted by the ASC club on the TCHS campus.


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