La Rosa Turns On Their “Turn Off the TV” Week”

La Rosa began its annual “Turn off the TV Week” to encourage students to take on good habits.

Written by BRYAN LAU / Published on March 25, 2011

La Rosa Elementary hosted its annual “Turn-Off TV Week” from March 15 to March 18.

The event, created by Parents Teachers Association (PTA), was designed to encourage building good habits. The whole idea is a small part in a grand scheme to promote characteristics that will lead to good citizenship and keep students on the right path of life. The ultimate goal is to make children enjoy learning and school more.

The event also encourages students to moderate the time they spend viewing television and help students find other alternatives of leisure activity that they could participate in during their free time.

Parents are encouraged to spend time with their children by mainly reading to them, or simply by taking a walk in the park. This not only steers the child to keeping a good academic record, but also repairs the growing gap between parent and child in this era.

“This is entirely based on the honor system,” Principal Michael Lin said. “The only incentives and rewards are the long-term gains.”

It will be the parents turning off the TV, not the child. Children focus on the short term gains of enjoyment on the television, while ignoring the benefits of simply reading a good book or talking to their parents. Parents have to do their part in monitoring the television and spending their own time with their children.

“I’m not trying to demonize television or anything,” Principal Lin said, “but the television is so saturated with advertising, and we don’t need children wanting the next cool toy so that the garage fills up.”

“Turn Off the TV Week”, which is not exclusive to La Rosa, is also a semi-annual, national event. The event commonly takes place in April and September.


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