TIFF Gas Station Opens on Las Tunas

The formerly vacant downtown gas station reopens with an independent operator.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published March 25, 2011

More than two years after the City Council initiated action, a long-vacant parcel is no longer an empty facility in downtown Temple City.

TIFF gas station, an independent operator, is now open for business.

City Manager Jose Pulido, who played a leading role in urging the property owner to secure a tenant, on Thursday, stated that the independent gas station is only temporary.

According to the city manager, Ahmed Rabadi, the tenant, is close to securing a contract with ConocoPhillips for a Unocal 76 gas station.

“In the interim, this gasoline station will operate as a TIFF gas station until the contract [among all the parties] is finalized,” Pulido wrote in his May 20, 2010 weekly city manager’s report.

At a recent city council meeting, Pulido estimated that the gas station would stay as TIFF “for a few weeks.”

The business owner, who operates more than 30 gas stations in California, also plans to open a mini-mart and a car wash component. Pulido said a request conditional use permit from Rabadi was forthcoming.

Pulido, who joined City Hall in October 2009, previously estimated that Temple City lost approximately $140,000 in potential sales tax revenues for the seven years the gas station was not in operation.

Once the city manager came on board, he expedited efforts to revitalize the vacant parcel located on the corner of Las Tunas Drive and Oak Avenue. Last year, Pulido even threatened to revoke the property owner’s current conditional use permit which was granted in 1972.


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