Official Results Confirm Incumbent Victories

Voters (re)-elect Vizcarra, Sternquist, and Blum to a four-year term.

Written by DANNY TSANG / Published March 18, 2011

The City Council will remain the same, official results from March 8’s election show.

A final tally of valid provisional and vote-by-mail ballots was counted on Wednesday, March 16 at City Hall.

Official results placed Temple City Councilman Carl Blum in first place, followed by Councilwoman Cynthia Sternquist, and then Mayor Fernando Vizcarra.

Blum received 2098 votes, or 26 percent. Sternquist got 2082 votes, or 25.8 percent. Vizcarra took in 1760 votes, or 21.8 percent.

Manuel “Manny” Valenzuela III, vice-chairman of the Planning commission, came in fourth place, with 1200 votes, or 14.9 percent.

Starene Cruse received 626 votes, or 7.8 percent, while Nicholas Lisk got 300 votes, or 3.7 percent.

Blum, the top-place finisher, stated he wants to establish a “high performance” government in which the City and staff are goal-oriented and active. He also aims to introduce safer routes for bicyclers and pedestrians, while reducing crime and planning for dire emergencies.

“It’s not just five council members. It’s the people that help us,” Blum told the Temple City Voice. “I think that’s important.”

Meanwhile, the only female council person, intends to strengthen an alliance with San Gabriel Valley-based Habitat for Humanity. In addition, Sternquist hopes to provide for the senior citizens in the community. On top of that, Sternquist plans to re-focus on the developing of the Piazza lot.

“I would like to continue making a positive impact on the lives of the residents in this city,” she said.

Now about to embark on his third term on the City Council, Mayor Fernando Vizcarra plans to improve Temple City by bringing in services people would be interested in, in order to create a livelier atmosphere.

According to City Clerk Mary Flandrick, the official voter turnout was 17.9 percent.

In 2007, the turnout was 20 percent. Two years ago, the official turnout was 21 percent.

The newly (re)-elected candidates will be sworn in on Monday, March 21.


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