Piazza Developer To Attend Major Trade Conference

Randy Wang to present two site plans to potential retailers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published March 18, 2011

Piazza developer Randy Wang will attend the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) conference in Nevada, the city manager on Thursday said.

“Mr. Wang and his team will be preparing two site plans and pursuit packages to show prospective commercial tenants” at the ICSC conference, City Manager Jose Pulido wrote in his May 13, 2010 weekly report.

The ICSC conference is scheduled to take place later this month, May 23-25, at Las Vegas, Nevada. According to the ICSC website, the organization “is the global trade association of the shopping center industry.”

Its 60,000 membership includes “shopping center owners, developers, managers, marketing specialists, investors, lenders, retailers, and other professionals as well as academics and public officials.”

At the conference, Randy Wang and his project team will present two revised site plans to national and regional retailers. Wang’s first plan is akin to a “traditional suburban strip center,” Pulido said. The development would be 50,000 square feet and would include one restaurant.

The developer’s second plan is more of an “urban center” that is approximately 67,500 square feet.

This development plan includes two restaurants as well as outdoor dining areas. Moreover, two medium-sized retails pads will be available. A future public library could also be housed on a second floor of one of the retail pads, according to Pulido.

Four years ago, the City Council gave the Piazza developer approval for his mixed use development. The project consisted of 52-one bedroom condominiums and a large retail center.

After years of inaction, the City Council sued Wang in order to force the developer to act. Wang countersued the city of Temple City in 2008, alleging city officials of soliciting bribes in order to support the project.

Months after the suit, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office launched an official investigation which resulted two council member-resignations, as well as one council member not being re-elected.

Today, former Temple City mayors Cathé Wilson and Judy Wong face serious criminal charges. If convicted, the former could face nine years in prison, while the latter could face 10 years and four months in jail.

Neither of the former city officials has pleaded guilty. They return to court on May 26.


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