Lease for Downtown Gas Station is Signed

The abandoned gas station on Las Tunas and Oak Avenue may be put back to use.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published March 11, 2011

The city manager of Temple City may soon be able to claim a minor victory: the re-opening of a vacant gas station.

Jose Pulido, who joined City Hall in October 2009, shared the good news in his May 5, 2010 weekly city manager’s report.

“The lease between the property owner and a new tenant has been finalized and signed,” the city manager said.

The property owner of the long vacant property on the northwest corner of Oak Avenue and Las Tunas Drive and the new owner, Ahmed Rabadi, signed a lease on May 5, according to Pulido.

With an agreement secure, the city manager and new owner hope to operate a new gas station as soon as possible. The former gas station ceased operations in 2007.

Referring to Rabadi, the city manager said, “He would prefer to operate a 76 gas station.”

Once a 76 gas station is installed, Rabadi plans to “add a mini mart and car wash,” Pulido added.

Last year, the city manager pushed the previous owner aggressively to find a tenant. In December, Pulido threatened to revote the owner’s conditional use permit which was given in 1972.

Community Development Manager Joe Lambert will follow up with the new owner.

“I have tasked Community Development Manager Joe Lambert to work with Mr. Rabadi in order to open this long time vacant gasoline station as soon as possible,” the city manager said.


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