Temple City Art Show Displays Student Talent

Temple City High School throws on an art show to showcase the works of all the art classes.

Written by AVA CHENG / Published March 4, 2011

Temple City High School held its annual art show on Thursday, February 24th.

The event was headed by the art teachers, Ms. Kim, Ms. Cales, Ms. Hook, and Ms. Chang Ho, who came together to create this opportunity for students in the art classes to display their work. On display were works from Art 1, Illustration, Advanced Art, Painting, Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, Honors Painting, and AP Studio Art. The art show was set up like a gallery opening, with student helpers greeting guests, serving snacks, and answering questions and helping viewers like docents at an art museum.

One of the student helpers, senior Jade Su, was really impressed with this year’s art show.

“I really liked the caricatures of the teachers.” Many of the guests, myself included, instantly recognized our teachers; Dagger on stage doing stand-up, Hoague telling us to “answer the question,” and Slattery making us smile with “physics joy.”

This year’s art show also featured seniors Tracy Shen and Jeremiah Gonzales, who are both in ceramics.

Tracy Shen, who has been on the school’s ‘Choreo’ dance team for three years, and studying ballet for eleven years, performed her solo piece from the Dance Concert.

“She’s in my class every single day, and I never knew the extent of her talent,” says Ms. Kim, the ceramics teacher and head of the Art department.

Jeremiah Gonzales served as the emcee of the art show, and entertained the crowd by beatboxing freestyle. Gonzales also has experience playing the drums, Latin percussion, saxophone, and sings. Outside of school, he’s in two bands, and even produces his own music.

“He’s done hilarious performances in class, and he always has a great energy,” says Kim.

Also on display was a craft box designed by senior Heidi Chow. The box itself was a collage of photos and cut-outs from her trip to France and the table it was featured on was splashed with other photographs. The piece itself represented the photographic side of art that is often not showcased and highlighted in the school.

“Our goal every year is to promote the artistic talent on campus,” says Ms. Kim. “It’s not often that we can showcase all of our students’ artwork; we just don’t have the space. And there’s just so much talent on campus that you just want to bring attention to, and not just in the fine arts, but in the performing arts as well.”


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