Nicholas Lisk Runs for City Council for the First Time

Nicholas Lisk

Nicholas Lisk, a resident and retired businessman in Temple City, runs for City Council.

Written by DANNY TSANG / Published February 4, 2011

Nicholas Lisk, a 15-year Temple City resident, is running for a position on the City Council. Lisk is competing with five other candidates for one of three seats.

He wants to be a city council member because he knows he has the time to be dedicated and committed.

Lisk has worked with small businesses and the Chamber of Commerce. He attends many of the meetings that take place and is knowledgeable about what is happening in terms of events, decisions that are being made, and problems around the community.

“I get a lot of input from colleagues,” Lisk explains. “And I try to be as active as I can.”

Although he is retired, he possesses great skill in a wide variety of fields. As a former national contract negotiator, he harbors a wealth of knowledge in the field of business and considers himself a “great negotiator.”

He has also worked for the University of California for 10 years and the California State Universities in San Diego and Sacramento, with profound experience as an electrical estimator and planner, in conjunction with business affairs.

In addition to his experience as a former building inspector for the city of Sacramento for about two years, Lisk shows immense competency in the work force and in expertise.

Lisk aspires to assist small businesses by helping them with growing issues such as parking. He also expresses deep concern for the trees.

He disagrees with the City’s past decision to relocate trees because he believes that the trees play pivotal roles in the community.

In addition, he strongly thinks the city should monitor greater attention on contracts.

“[On the] last project that we did,” Lisk says. “There was not a lot of follow up.”

Lisk supports holding town hall meetings to allow residents to speak for longer periods of time. Increasing participation with residents, Lisk hopes, will help them become more aware about Temple City.

In addition, he wants to develop stronger connections with the community.

“I’m a people-person,” says Lisk.


This is the fourth of six candidate profile interviews the Temple City Voice will conduct for the 2011 March City Council election.


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