Athens Trash Survey Mailed to Residents

The deadline to voice an opinion is May 15.

Written by DANNY TSANG / Published February 4, 2011

A survey on waste collection services in Temple City was mailed this week, Assistant to the City Manager Gary Flod on Thursday reported.

“The Athens Services Waste Collection Option Surveys were mailed out to residents on Wednesday,” Flod said in the April 29, 2010 weekly city manager’s report.

The survey, drafted by city officials and representatives of Athens Services, asks Temple City residents and businesses whether they would be in favor of keeping the status quo or exploring new trash service options.

Residents can submit their responses via mail, to the city manager’s office, or fill out a response online, at the City’s website.

“The purpose of this survey is to solicit residents’ input through the selection of one of four waste collection options,” City Manager Jose Pulido said on Thursday, April 22.

The four options include: one, keeping the current two times per week manual collection service, reducing the current manual collection service to once per week, changing to a three-container automated collection service, or changing to a two-container automated collection service.

If the community wants to change the current waste collection service, such as making a shift from manual to automatic service, Athens Services may hold town hall meetings, city staff previously said.

A switch would save Temple City residents anywhere from less than a dollar to three dollars and 60 cents per month.

In addition, the City’s environmental footprint will likely be reduced because Temple City would need to finance the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles.

The deadline to submit a response is May 15.

“Of the surveys returned by mail or submitted online by May 15, 2010, three lucky residents will be picked at random to receive free trash service for one year!” Flod said.

The waste collection surveys are available in three languages: English, Chinese, and Spanish.


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