Vizcarra, Temple City Mayor, Runs for Third Term

The Mayor runs on a campaign to “Let’s Keep Improving the City”

Written by JANETTE TANG / Published January 21, 2011

Fernando Vizcarra, mayor of Temple City, is running for a third term on the City Council.

Vizcarra was first elected to the City Council in 2001.

“I first ran for office because I didn’t like the direction the city was going in,” Vizcarra said. “People on the council were on the council for themselves.”

Vizcarra ran for re-election four years later, but Temple City voters denied him a second term. In 2007, he ran again. This time Vizcarra won election in a historic manner, by a coin toss.

Vizcarra’s slogan is “Let’s Keeping Improving the City,” and his platform is to ensure the City is run in a professional manner.

His main focus is to bring services that Temple City residents want. He hope to create a more attractive atmosphere in downtown Temple City for neighbors.

“I want to be able to buy a suit here,” Vizcarra said, “instead of having to go to the mall.”

The mayor is a graduate of Temple City High School, as well as California State University, Los Angeles, where he earned a master’s degree in business.

He is married to former School Board Member Joan Vizcarra. Vizcarra has two children and three grandchildren.

The 50-year resident began his term as mayor again in July 2009 in the midst of controversy over the Piazza development.

“I had to come in, take over, and keep the city going forward,” he said. “We focused on business of the city and on the needs of the city rather than outside distractions, and ensured that we got capable people to replace the ones that left.”

Under his tenure, the City Council appointed a new city manager and city attorney. The City Council also appointed Councilman Carl Blum, a former Planning commissioner, after then-Councilwoman Judy Wong resigned.

If re-elected, Vizcarra will begin his second consecutive term on the City Council.

This is the third of six candidate profile interviews that the Temple City Voice will conduct for the 2011 March City Council election.


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