Chamber of Commerce Begins Search for the Next Miss Temple City

The annual Miss Temple City Ambassador Pageant is underway.

Written by TRACY CHEN / Published January 21, 2011

The search for the next Miss Temple City has begun.

To be eligible for the ambassador program, contestants must be at least 16 but not over 21 years of age, female, single, and residing within the boundaries of the Temple City city or school district limit.

It is emphasized that this program is not a beauty contest, although there are similarities in terms of the selection process.

This is an opportunity for young women who are interested in representing the city at a variety of events such as business, social and cultural events.

During the five months of continuous preparation, all contestants will not only learn social etiquette, poise, public speaking skill and other aspects of self-presentation, they will also learn about the city government and how it functions.

At the end of pageant, which will be in May, one girl will be crowned to be Miss Temple City, and two more girls will be selected to be on the Honor Court.

“The experience of being Miss Temple City is just incredible; it’s invaluable,” the current Miss Temple City Heidi K. Chow said. “It’s something I know I’ll take with me for the rest of my life because it has helped shape me into a more mature young woman. Even just the five month of training is a great experience.”

On top of her busy school schedule, Heidi K. Chow attended pageant preparations every Monday and fulfilled her responsibility as Miss Temple City.

“I’ve attended Congressman Adam Schiff’s Business Expo, Senator Carol Liu’s Business Walk, Senator Carol Liu’s Christmas Party, Congressman Adam Schiff’s Holiday Gathering, summer concerts in the park, Camellia Royal play day, and so much more,” Chow said. “I think I’ve gained a greater appreciation for my community.”

Not only do the contestants learn about time management, they also gain more appreciation for their own community.

During the pageant, each girl is required to present a platform issue on which they believe would improve Temple City and these issues range from health issues to education.

This year, Chow’s platform is on cancer awareness, and she actively helps plan the American Cancer Society’s Relay 4 Life events in order to bring about public concern.

About three people with no affiliation with Temple City preside over the pageant and judge the contestants holistically by their speech, talents and personality.


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