Blum, a City Councilman and Former Commissioner, Seeks a “High Performance” City Government

Appointed Councilman Carl Blum seeks election to a full term on the City Council.

Written by ASHLEY CHANG / Published January 14, 2011

Carl Blum, a current Temple City councilman and former planning commissioner, is running for one of three spots on the City Council.

He was first appointed to the City Council last April after then-Temple City Councilwoman Judy Wong resigned to focus on her trial.

Before this, Blum was a member of the Planning Commission, where he served for five years.

Blum has been a professional civil engineer for 36 years. He is a long-range planner an believes in open, fair, professional

“I feel the city need strong leaders,” says Councilman Blum,” and we need to let the citizens have confidence in skilled and knowledgeable leaders.”

“I feel we need to become a high performance city.” Blum explains. “Both the city and staff.”

A high performance city staff member, he says, is goal-oriented, cares about the city, and must be motivated and proactive.

Blum’s two main points for his campaign are a safe community and a balanced budget.

He hopes to create a safer community by creating pedestrian and bicycle friendly routes and safer routes to school, lowering the crime rate, and preparing for emergencies.

Councilman Blum emphasizes the importance of the next generation and the people of Temple City.

“It’s not just five council members-it’s the people that help us.” says Blum.” I think that’s important. ”

Blum has been a Temple City resident for 26 years. He is married, has four children, and three grandchildren, all of whom attend Temple City schools.

“Temple City is a neat city,” says Councilman Blum, “I love being a part of it. I want to make it better.”

This is the second of six candidate profile interviews that the Temple City Voice will conduct for the 2011 March City Council election.


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