Temple City High Hosts Financial Aid Night For Students

Temple City High School hosts an annual financial aid night for college-aiming high school students.

Written by TAYLOR EVANKO / Published January 14, 2011

Parents and senior students at Temple City High School attended the annual Financial Aid Night in the high school library last Thursday, January 6th, for guidance and advice on financing college.

TCHS counselors invited Gina Becerril, Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Occidental College, to speak to a full audience about the different forms of financial aid and how to ensure that students receive the most help possible.

The main item on the agenda was the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the most common and important form college-bound students fill out regarding financial aid. Becerril tackled the FAFSA step by step and answered any questions along the way.

“The hints she give us, such as filing when your checking account is the lowest and what kind of universities to list that you are applying to, were really appreciated,” said Senior Gabriel Jimenez. “ It was nice to be taken through the steps.”

Most students who attend college in California, particularly the UC and Cal State schools, receive some sort of financial aid. Since aid, such as Cal Grants, is funded primarily through state funds, Becerril advised students to apply as soon as possible before other students beat them to it.

In addition to the FAFSA, the counselors brought awareness to the opportunities presented to all seniors via the monthly senior bulletin and advised students to tour various college campuses before deciding which university to attend.


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