Opinion: Thankful for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is not just a holiday to eat turkey while sprouting half-hearted thankful words.

Written by ADENEY ZO / Published November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving is a myriad of clichés – half the time people stuff themselves with turkey and the other half of the time they badger others to remember “what Thanksgiving is all about.” The latter group of people complains that Thanksgiving has lost its meaning because people only care about packing their stomachs with food and waiting in line for Black Friday deals.

Yes, it is important to be thankful for everything, but after having to repeat what I was thankful for ten times, the whole scenario became a little pointless.

People can say what they are thankful for easily enough, but how can they truly learn to appreciate everything that they have?

Thinking back to the original Thanksgiving Day, the Pilgrims (Separatists) really had something to be thankful about. Many of them had been decimated by the freezing winters, and those that survived had the Native Americans to thank for teaching them how to grow their own food and stay warm.

The Pilgrims’ near-death experience was a wake-up call, and those situations usually remind people of the value of what they have (namely their life) and that there are others who suffered a worse fate. However, the thankfulness slowly wears off after the experience and people revert to their former mindset.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Thanksgiving is not the only time to be thankful for everything one has. People seem to only remember to be appreciative during this holiday, but having a thankful and content attitude through the rest of the year is the way to truly put meaning behind Thanksgiving Day. So when you prepare to devour that piece of pumpkin pie on Thursday, remember that to be thankful takes more than just a minute’s worth of thought and action.


Editor’s Note: The views of this author do not reflect the views of the Temple City Voice or its staff.


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