Blum Appointed to Replace Ex-Mayor

Former Planning Commissioner takes over a City Council seat.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published November 19, 2010

Former Planning Commissioner Carl Blum was appointed on Tuesday to fill the seat of Judy Wong.

The City Council unanimously voted to appoint the former Planning Commissioner during the city council meeting of March 16, 2010. Blum will serve the remaining term of ex-Mayor Wong, who was expected to step down in March 2011.

“Welcome abroad. It is a pleasure to have this seat filled by such a great person,” Temple City Mayor Fernando Vizcarra said after Blum was sworn in.

The City Clerk gave the oath of office to Blum.

According to Councilwoman Cynthia Sternquist, the City Council met in closed session on March 15 to determine how and who would replace Wong.

Wong resigned at the city council meeting two weeks ago. At that time, Wong stated she wanted to focus her energy on preparing for her upcoming trial.

Along with former Temple City Mayor Cathé Wilson, Wong is accused of soliciting bribes in exchange for her support for the Piazza at Temple City development with architect Randy Wang. Both women face serious charges and have indicated they are innocent of the allegations.

Still, the political fallout as a result of the press coverage has proven quite costly to Temple City.

In 2009, Temple City voters declined to return Wilson to the City Council. Some residents also formed a group to recall Wong if she did not resign.

A former Planning Commission chairman, Blum will join Councilwoman Sternquist as one of two members appointed to the City Council. If both want to retain their seats, they will have to run for re-election.


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