Evanko Becomes Newest Voice Editor

Ex-Community Outreach Director promoted to become a second Assistant Editor.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published November 19, 2010

Taylor Evanko has recently been promoted to the position of assistant editor.

At the end of his sophomore year, Evanko applied to be a Temple City Voice writer.

His first article, written in his junior year, “JSA and TCV Plan Candidates’ Forum” was published in an October 2009 issue. He specializes in writing most of the articles regarding the political aspect of Temple City, and sometimes state and national politics.

In July, Evanko became the Community Outreach Director. He held the responsibility of completing the calendar of events that would inform the community and cabinet of upcoming events.

Evanko also held the duty of “planning out the biannual candidate’s forum for Temple City as both the COD of the Voice and the President of the Junior State of America. As an executive of the committee, he helped in coordinating this effort between JSA,TCV, and the City Council for the candidate’s forum.

Being a member of Temple City Voice for over 14 months, Evanko has now risen to the position of assistant editor although he admits to not expecting to obtain a leadership position when he had first started.

“I got the position as assistant editor because they were opening up new positions.” Evanko said. “I took advantage of the opportunity.”

Evanko took the opportunity to help continue and better Temple City Voice through a more influential position.

In addition to his previous duties of writing articles, the position of assistant editor has piled on a significant amount of work. He is now helping in editing articles for publication, planning what people write, and letting everyone know of events that are to occur. Evanko states that it is very much like being the secretary of Temple City Voice.

“I’m happy where I am and I’m contributing to the organization.” Evanko said. “It’s all about informing the people of [what is going on].”

Besides the Voice, Evanko also is a staff writer in Temple City High School’s newspaper, Rampage, along with juggling being president of his JSA chapter.


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