Ex-Mayor Wong to Keep Fighting Charges

The former councilwoman resigned her seat earlier this week.

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published November 16, 2010 (ONLINE ONLY)

Former Temple City Mayor Judy Wong rejected a plea agreement with the District Attorney’s office, her attorney on Friday said to a local newspaper.

Sanford Perliss, the defense attorney for the former councilperson, told the Star News on Friday, March 5, 2010 that Wong declined to settle the case. The plea agreement would require Wong to plead guilty and in exchange, she would only receive a two-year prison sentence.

Wong, who has insisted that she was innocent, is prepared to fight the bribery and perjury charges, her attorney said.

“We expect to go to trial in this case,” Perliss said.

The former mayor resigned her seat on the City Council on Tuesday. Her colleagues have not yet named a replacement.

Wong faces a maximum of 10 years and four months in prison if she is convicted.

In 2008, Piazza developer Randy Wang alleged that Wong, along with former Temple City Mayor Cathé Wilson solicited bribes in exchange for support of his controversial mixed-use development.

Since then, two city officials have resigned, including Wong. One former city official was denied re-election. A former Republican state assembly candidate and a former construction manager have agreed to serve as witnesses for the prosecution.

The proposed development has been stalled, mostly by Wang. The lot where the Piazza was supposed to have been built lays vacant with overgrown weeds.

Meanwhile, Wong is expected to return to court again on March 25.


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