Former Governor Jerry Brown is Governor-Elect

Former Governor and current Attorney General Jerry Brown defeats former eBay CEO Meg Whitman for Governor.

Written by DANNY TSANG / Published November 5, 2010

California voters came out in force Tuesday to vote for the future leaders of the state.

In the gubernatorial race, Democrat Jerry Brown prevailed with an astonishing 53 percent of the votes over Republican Meg Whitman, who finished second with 42 percent of the votes.

Incumbent Barbara Boxer of the Democratic Party was reported to have gotten 52 percent of the votes and was reelected for a fourth term in the U.S. senate. Republican Carly Fiorina placed second after taking 42 percent of the votes.

In the Lieutenant Governor race, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom defeated incumbent Abel Maldonado, 50 to 40 percent. Maldonado, who was appointed to the position earlier this year, sought to win a full term as the state’s No. 2 leader.

In a close contest for Attorney General, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, a Re-publican, 46.1 percent. Kamala Harris, the Democratic nominee, currently has 45.5 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, Democratic nominees for the posi-tions of Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer, and Insurance Commissioner all won their posts definitively.

Looking at the statewide results for the state ballot measures, the highly controversial Proposition 19 failed with 3,994,442 people voting “no,” which made up 53.9 percent of the votes, while 3,424,145 com-posed 46.1 percent of the voters who voted “yes.”

Along with Proposition 19, Proposition 21, which dealt with state park funding and vehicle license surcharge, failed with 58.2 percent of “no” votes.

Proposition 23, which involved the suspension of air pollution laws, Proposition 24, which repealed allowance of lower business tax liability, and Proposi-tion 25, which eliminated state redistricting commission, all failed.

On the other hand, Proposition 20, which redis-tricted congressional districts, passed with 61.2 percent of “yes” votes. Proposition 22, dealing with the prohibi-tion of the state from taking local funds, also passed with 61.0 percent of voters voting “yes.”

The last state ballot measures that were passed were Proposition 25, where the simple majority vote to pass budget and Proposition 26, which states 2/3 vote is needed for some state and local fees.

In the local Assembly race, incumbent Democ-rat Anthony Portantino defeated Tea Party-backed, Re-publican challenger Alvaro Day. Portantino won over 64.3 percent of the voter cast, translating to 66,781 votes while Alvaro Day won 32.1 percent, or 33,363 votes. Libertarian Eytan Kollin won about 3.6 percent.

The voter turnout in Temple City was over 40 percent.


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