Community Donates over 50 Books to Library

Burroughs: Over 50 books have been collected so far.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published November 5, 2010

Temple City Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Burroughs on Thursday announced that more than 50 books have been collected as part of the City’s “50 Books for 50 Years” campaign.

“The City is thrilled to report that as a result of the overwhelming response from the community, the first 50-plus books for the Temple City Library…have been collected,” she wrote in the March 4, 2010 weekly city manager’s report.

As such, the City intends to formally present the books at the upcoming city council meeting, Burroughs said.

The “50 Books for 50 Years” campaign, led by Temple City officials, began in January.

Temple City officials, including Councilwoman Cynthia Sternquist, a leading proponent, are asking the community to either donate a book or make a financial contribution as the City celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The Temple City public library has provided a wish-list of books and DVDs.

A plaque with the donor’s name will be placed within the covers of each book.

While Temple City has already reached its initial goal of 50 books, the campaign will continue, Burroughs said.

“Book collection will continue throughout the year,” she said.

The library currently has a list of a couple hundred books the community can donate, Councilwoman Sternquist previously said.

Sternquist’s goal is for the book drive to accumulate 500 books by the end of the City’s anniversary celebration.

The city of Temple City was officially incorporated in 1960, and will turn 50 this May. City staff has tentatively scheduled two days to celebrate the event, May 21 and 22.

Last year, the City Council designated “Celebrating 50 Years as a Community” as the slogan and picked a logo. The City Council also recently authorized the creation of a bust of the City’s founder, Walter P. Temple.


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