Halloween Alternatives to Trick or Treating

If you are not interested in trick-or-treating this Halloween or may be too old for it, there are alternatives.

Written by AMY FAN / Published October 29, 2010

For those who feel too old to scourge the neighborhood for candy in rag-tag costumes, there’s a way to get Halloween thrills without the traditional trick-or-treating. But before you storm your house for toilet paper and eggs in advent of a recent break-up or a friendly rivalry, consider these lively options.

Situated conveniently within a 45-minute drive and the most popular Halloween event for people ages 12 and up, Knott’s Scary Farm will be open to daring crowds until the last day of October. This pricy event ranges from $35 to $46, rising as it gets closer to Halloween night, but dropping to $35 on the 31st. Decorated specifically for Halloween, all rides will still be open at Knott’s, but the main attraction consists of spookily decorated haunted houses set around the park.

If you’re not keen on haunted houses, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride will also be open to guests until the 31st, with prices starting at $25. Other scarier attractions around the vicinity are available if you search hard enough. Beware, many of these events are 18+, and might not be the type of material you’re willing to experience.

If risking yourself in unfamiliar territory at night isn’t within your comfort zone, there are safer ways to enjoy Halloween within the comforts of home. Horror films, old and new, will be broadcasted throughout the week, along with special Halloween episodes of your favorite show. Rather than temporarily living in a horror flick, you can enjoy watching one, with the liberty to quit whenever you’ve had enough.

For those who prefer to socialize with younger masses or are in dire need of CSL, Oak Avenue and the Elementary schools would appreciate help for their yearly Halloween events. At these lively events, you can help set up or man game stands, distribute candy, or help small lost children find their way back to their parents.

Anyone too uninterested or lazy to attend events listed above, there’s always the classic “raiding-the-candy-bowl” ritual, or even better, distributing the candy in patronage of the “treat” part of “trick-or-treating.” What better way to recycle your last year’s unwanted candy? Dig in!


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