Voter’s Guide for 2010 California Gubernatorial Election

Besides Brown and Whitman, four other minor-party candidates are running for governor.

Written by TAYLOR EVANKO / Published October 22, 2010

Voters in California will head to the polls next Tuesday, Nov. 2 in part to decide who will be the next leader of the golden state.

Jerry Brown is currently the Attorney General of California, but has also served as the Secretary of State and Governor of California, as well as the Mayor of Oakland.

Brown has campaigned on a platform that emphasizes principally jobs, education, the budget, and the environment. If elected, Brown hopes to make California the leader in renewable energy and green jobs.

Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is concentrated on three main goals: creating jobs, cutting government spending and deficits, and fixing the education system.  She hopes to create thousands of jobs by giving targeted tax cuts–a total of around $5 billion–to businesses and wealthy individuals.

In addition to Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman, there are actually six candidates for Governor this election.  Green Party Candidate Laura Wells and Carlos Alvarez, the Peace and Freedom Party candidate running on a platform of socialistic ideals, have similar plans for California.  Alvarez supports a $15 minimum wage the rights to both free higher education and free universal healthcare.  He supports taxing the rich, spending less money on the military, and increased spending on infrastructure, healthcare, and education.

With similar plans, Laura Wells is running as the Green Party candidate.  Like Alvarez, Wells values the environment, education, and healthcare.

American Independent candidate Chelene Nightingale is running on a platform of cooperation between the government and state citizens.  If elected, Nightingale is a supporter of the free market system, securing the borders, protecting individual rights, and improving education.

Dale F. Ogden, the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, is running primarily as a fiscal conservative, hoping to cut back on government spending and taxes.  He also wants to reform the pension system, the welfare system, get government out of marriage, and is a supporter of Prop. 19.


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