An Interview with School Board President Rachel LaSota

The School Board President shared her experiences with the community.

Written by AMY FAN / Published October 15, 2010

The Temple City School Board President Rachel LaSota was recently interviewed by the Temple City Voice about her experiences thus far.

LaSota, who previously worked in federal government and law enforcement fields, became interested in joining the School Board after being involved in the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). She was elected in November 2007 and is one of five governing board members elected by the community.

According to LaSota, she decided to run after seeing problems that upset her.

“I was concerned over the direction and communication,” LaSota said, “The most important thing is to be open and direct.”

LaSota strives to improve the communication of the governing body both from within and to the community.

Last year, LaSota was elected President by her colleagues. Since then, the School Board under her leadership has worked in basic management and direction but also make major decisions.

LaSota stresses the importance of unity in the Board, as no member makes decisions for the others. She also mentions that the staff challenges itself to learn more about education for its roles.

“No one in the board is from an education background,” LaSota said. “It’s a never-ending learning process.”

Personally, LaSota is very pleased with the rising API scores, especially with Oak Middle School and Emperor Elementary school, which have both passed 900. She marks this as one of her favorite accomplishments for the Board as a whole.

Communication with the schools and board members have also improved and she feels that it affects the Board and community positively.

When asked to reflect on the nature of feedback school board members receive, LaSota lamented that the accomplishments of the School Board often fall short of recognition by the community.

“It’s very easy to criticize officials,” LaSota said. “Not everyone is happy and it’s a thankless job.”


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