City’s Founder to be Honored with a Sculpture

Walter P. Temple bust unanimously approved by City Council.

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published October 12, 2010 (ONLINE ONLY)

The founder of Temple City will be honored with a sculpture, the City Council on Tuesday decided.

With unanimous support, the City Council on March 2, 2010 voted to pay for the creation of a bust of Walter P. Temple as the city celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Mayor Fernando Vizcarra proposed the idea after having heard a suggestion made by a Temple City resident.

“We’re a very viable city. We have a good reputation but we have no allowance for our history,” he said. “There’s nothing that really says where we came from, what we represent, who we are, who we were, how we started, any of that.”

Of the proposed project, Vizcarra noted a bronze stature of Temple City’s founder “would be something I’d like to see.”

Vizcarra was not alone in endorsing the project. Most of his colleagues on the City Council and Temple City residents in the audience enthusiastically supported the creation of the bust.

“We do have to acknowledge what people have done before us, and we’re going to be acknowledging those who come after us,” Mary Burke, a long-time resident, said.

Meanwhile, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Peggy Miller urged the City Council to also acknowledge Temple’s wife.

“Behind every good man is a good woman,” she said.

Another Parks and Recreation commissioner, Dan Arrighi, threw his support behind the project. A former mayor himself, Arrighi asked the City Council to consider renaming Temple City Park, the Walter P. Temple Park.

According to city staff, the cost of the bust would be $9500. In addition, the bust may not be fully completed by the time the city celebrates on May 22.

Incorporated in 1960, Temple City turns 50 in May.

The City Council previously designated “Celebrating 50 Years as a Community” as the anniversary slogan and has since approved a logo for the year-long celebration.

Moreover, a community book drive, “50 Books for 50 Years” is now being promoted by the city.


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