An Exclusive Interview with State Senator Carol Liu

Liu has represented Temple City as its state senator since 2008.

Written by JASON WU / Published October 1, 2010

With the days until her retirement from government numbered, State Senator Carol Liu discusses her views on some aspects of the government during the Business Walk on Saturday, September 25, sponsored by the Temple City Chamber of Commerce.

Senator Liu, who represents the 21st district and is a Northern California native, was present at the Business Walk in order to answer some questions and concerns business owners had, but she also got to spend more time in Temple City, a  rarity for her.

“I like the openness of the community and the support we get from the Miss Temple City program.” Liu said. “I enjoy people’s input on all the hard questions and so that’s been positive.”

Temple City is known for having the majority of the demographic being comprised of Asians. In consideration of the fact that Asians only make up about ten to twelve percent of the population and that there is very little Asian representation in government, she believes that they must get more involved.

“You have to get involved by interning or volunteering at campaigns,” Liu said. “You have to show a passion for government.”

After hearing about the amount of involvement young people had with local affairs, including participation in Youth Committee, which is the youth advisement board to the City Council, and the Junior Chamber of Commerce, which involves helping teens with their business-related endeavors, she warmly agrees with the idea.

“Young people need to get involved within their interests and affinities,” Liu said. “It not only enhances your resume, but it is also a way to learn how the system works. You can’t read about it—you have to get involved.”

In regards to Proposition 25, which allows lawmakers to pass laws with a majority vote instead of the traditional two-thirds, Liu firmly believes that a majority vote is necessary.

One of the platforms Senator Liu has been promoting is railroad safety. In areas like Burbank, where there are schools by railroads, she often comes and speaks about safety.

“California has the highest rate of death/injury because of railroads so we’re trying to educate people to be more careful.” Liu said. “My stint is to go to schools where railroad tracks are close by to educate young people to stay away from trains.”

Liu, a Democrat, is serving her first term as state senator. She previously represented Temple City in the Assembly for six years.


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