Link Crew Takes Freshman Under Wing

New student organization aims to help high school freshman.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published September 24, 2010

As the bell sounds at the start of every Thursday’s Rams Intervention period, freshmen flock to their classrooms to engage in lessons about academics, extracurricular activities, and life.

Temple City High School’s Link Crew, an organization founded by Spanish teacher Monica Rodriguez and counselor Deanne Sciarrotta, focuses on promoting the student body by working with incoming high school students. The organization is composed of Link Crew Leaders, experienced high school students who offer insight from their personal experiences and lessons that they have learned throughout their time in high school. Every two leaders are assigned a classroom of ten freshmen and meet every Thursday for the first six weeks of the RAMS Intervention period.

During the RAMS Intervention period, freshmen have the opportunity to ask leaders questions about high school and its rigorous demands. Leaders also engage with the students in games, as they explore concepts on how to adapt to their new high school environment through games based on memorization, control, and balance.

“Link Crew provides new students with the perfect opportunity to meet more people,” Leader Eric Kwan said. “They get to interact with different teenagers and can share their high school experiences together.”

Although the organization was created for the benefit of new high school students, the Link Crew Leaders also learned lessons from their responsibilities as mentors

“It takes a lot of patience to talk to underclassmen because some are too shy that they won’t say anything or they think they’re too cool to participate in our games,” Leader Alex Chwa said. “But there are a few who make the best of the program, and it becomes enjoyable for the entire group.”

Link Crew has made a positive impact on the campus. New students are beginning to learn their way around high school and are encouraged to join more clubs. Link Crew has successfully encourage freshmen to be more involved with their student body and ultimately take more from their own high school experiences.

“[Link Crew] is a good way to interact with freshmen and teach them about the things we know along with our past experiences,” Leader Vicky Nguyen said. “We are preparing them for the future that lies ahead of them and we are helping them get ahead in their academics and extracurricular activities.”


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