Intervention Program Brings Many Changes

The intervention program at the high school completely changes the school structure.

Written by BELLA CHU / Published September 24, 2010

On September 2nd 2010, the freshman class shuffled into their classrooms as lunch began. What they encountered was something completely new to Temple City High School. The RAMS intervention period, which is piloted just this year, began as a small idea that eventually blossomed into a brilliant program.

The Rams Intervention Period is an enrichment class in which freshman, and people in need of help (score lower than proficient on any subject) receive extra time to catch up and increase performance in their classes. While they are studying hard in the RAMS intervention program, others who are excelling in their classes have an extra 34 minutes of lunch in addition to the normal lunch.

There are positives and negatives to the RAMS Intervention program.  Junior Vivian P. Luu believes the RAMS intervention program has affected the student body positively.

“I think the RAMS Intervention has affected me positively because it pushes me to work harder and to recognize my weaknesses,” Luu said. “I can improve them through out the school year,”

While Vivian believes that RAMS in a beneficial program, others would believe otherwise. Senior Kristine Huynh expresses her opinion about the program.

“Sometimes, it is embarrassing to be in the RAMS intervention program.  Before and after classes, people who have RAMS are walking into their classes, while people who don’t are walking to lunch,” Hyunh said. “Though this affected me a lot at first, it doesn’t really affect me anymore.  I just read and do homework because I feel like it won’t really help me with my CST scores”.

Yet others are neutral about the entire situation.  Senior J.L.Sun is a Link Crew leader who believes that RAMS is an interesting program.

“As a link leader, I like meeting and playing games with the freshman during intervention,” Sun said. “but that could be because I’m a link leader.”


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