Review: Khoury’s at Long Beach

Khoury’s Restaurant offers fresh seafood and buffet style dining.

Written by JASON WU / Published September 17, 2010

For those with a great taste for seafood and enjoy freshly caught produce, you can combine those two interests by visiting Khoury’s, a restaurant and buffet in Long Beach.

Although the restaurant is situated in a relatively far location from Temple City, I’m sure that for special occasions and events, it would be quite worth the drive. They have a nice selection of food on their normal menu, what really attracts their main customers is their seafood buffet.

The buffet itself has a relatively minimal selection, with about ten different types of dishes (ranging from different kinds of fried seafood to broiled tilapia and even a seafood pasta bar) along with soups and shrimp cocktail, most people go for their all-you-can-eat lobster special that they hold on Saturdays. Every couple minutes, a waiter emerges from the kitchen laden with a large platter of lobsters (most likely caught in the area) that customers literally scramble into line for. In fact, most of the Saturday customers neglect the normal buffet completely and focus on consuming as many lobsters as they can. They also have special ice cream desserts, with cherries jubilee (cherries cooked in liquor) and banana flambé (bananas are added to a mixture of butter, sugar, and rum and is flambéed, or set on fire in a pan) that is used as a sauce over vanilla ice cream.

The dining atmosphere is nice and friendly. Tables are laden for sophisticated and high-class dining, with tablecloths and a variety of forks and knives and each room sports a glass wall to overlook the harbor. They even dim the lights at night for a romantic evening feel.

The normal restaurant meals are priced at around 10 dollars per dish, making this restaurant a bit on the pricier but finer dining locations but the buffet is priced at $40, which although seems to be an astoundingly high price, considering that they boast the Saturday lobster special, is well worth the price if at the very least you eat a few lobsters (most people seem to go for five lobsters).

I would recommend Khoury’s for special occasions since although the food is great, the price can seem unattractive unless there is compelling reason for people to pay that much money.

Khoury’s is located at 110 N Marina Dr, Long Beach, CA 90803 and requires a reservation.


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