A Junior Chamber of Commerce Emerges

The JCOC is aimed primarily at students between the ages of 13 and 22.

Written by KEVIN WU / Published September 10, 2010

To assist high school students achieve their desired careers, the Temple City Chamber of Commerce recently announced the formation of a Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCOC).

The newly established JCOC will be led by Mark Lamb, Jason Wu, and Heidi Chow, along with a separate board of advisors. Lamb will serve as its chairman, Wu as its vice-chairman, and Chow as its financial director.

With students in mind, Linda Payne, president and CEO of the Temple City Chamber of Commerce, plans to help teenagers develop the basic skills necessary to succeed in a professional and business-oriented world. For example, students will learn how to conduct an interview, what to wear to an interview, how to answer a phone, and how to go about finding a job.

The vision of JCOC is to “help teens discover and develop their individual talents and interests in the business world,” Chow, the current Miss Temple City, said.

“To make the most of the organization, there are plans to integrate the organization both into the general public and within the school setting as a school club,” Wu, also the editor of the Temple City Voice, said. “Although much of the activities of the club will occur outside of school, especially during the summer.”

The JCOC is primarily aimed at middle and high school students. College students will be welcomed to join; however, once someone turns 22, he or she can no longer hold a position or be affiliated with JCOC.

In addition to providing basic job skills training, the Temple City Chamber of Commerce will help its students locate jobs, mostly through businesses working within the Chamber itself.

While JCOC has just been recently formed, it has high hopes and excitement about what will come.

The JCOC board will officially be announced during the Chamber board meeting next Monday.


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