With Less Than 60 days Left, Candidates Pledge to Campaign in Temple City

Local Assembly candidates pledge to campaign in Temple City.

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published September 10, 2010

The campaign for the state assembly seat currently held by incumbent Democrat Anthony Portantino is now underway.

Traditionally, the day after Labor Day marks the beginning of a two-month stretch until Election Day. Campaign signs and advertisements are likely to fill Temple City if they have not already.

Voters will choose among three candidates this year: Portantino, Republican Alvaro Day, and Libertarian Eytan Kollin.

The two major candidates, Portantino and Day, have pledged to campaign in Temple City, according to recent interviews the candidates or candidates’ campaign spokesperson gave.

Also an alumnus of Temple City High School, Day faces long offs in his bid to defeat the incumbent assembly member. Still Day remains “confident” and has support of local Tea Party-affiliated groups.

Meanwhile, Fred Register, Portantino’s campaign manager believes his candidate is “optimistic” about his chances for re-election.

“He certainly doesn’t take being re-elected for granted,” he said.

When asked what the candidates thought was the main concern for Temple City residents, both responded the economy.

“The economy is the number one concern,” Day stated.

Tim Wendler, a member of Portantino’s campaign team, also reiterated that Portantino thought jobs and education were Temple City’s top concerns.

Portantino, who was first elected in 2006, is seeking a third and final term in the state assembly. The former La Canada mayor will be termed out in 2010 if he is re-elected.

The general statewide election is scheduled to take place on November 2.

Staff Writer Kevin Wu contributed to this story.


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