Inaugural Youth Committee Faces Shortage of Applicants

Only ten individuals applied for 11 slots: Burroughs.

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published September 10, 2010 (ONLINE ONLY)

The deadline to serve as a member of the newly established Temple City youth committee has come and gone.

Despite an extension of the original deadline of January 12, the city of Temple City is having a hard time searching for youth willing to participate.

Since the youth committee was first advertised, only ten applications were received, Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Burroughs wrote in the February 4, 2010.

“Seven of the applicants are currently attending Temple City High School; three are attending Oak Avenue Intermediate School,” Burroughs said. “The initial plan was for an 11-member committee comprised of at least one student from each of the local intermediate and high schools serving Temple City youth and three ‘at-large’ members.”

To serve as a member of the youth committee, the City Council dictated that persons had to reside in Temple City and be between the ages of 12 and 18. Moreover, the individuals could not be paid employees of the City.

“In order to get the Youth Committee off the ground, staff suggests the number of committee members be reduced, at least for this inaugural committee,” she stated.

In addition to a lack of applications, Burroughs noted that two applicants did not live in Temple City; however, they did live within the boundaries of the Temple City Unified School District.

“The remaining eight applicants could be appointed, with or without interviews, or the Council could change the requirements to allow youth from outside the city limits to participates,” she said.

The City Council re-formed the youth committee in November 2009. Temple City previously had a youth committee in the 1970s, but the group was disbanded.

Temple City Councilman Tom Chavez, Planning Commissioner Patrick Horton, and Parks and Recreation Commissioner Dan Arrighi will serve as advisors to the youth committee.


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