T.C. Library Offers Video Game Nights for Teens

The Temple City public library offers free Teen Video Gaming nights every Wednesday.

Written by ASHLEY CHANG / Published September 3, 2010

Teen Video Gaming Night occurs every Wednesday evening from five to seven at the Temple City Library and is a fun and accomplished program. The program was created with a meaningful purpose.

“The idea behind Teen Video Gaming Night is a safe haven for teens of Temple City: a place to hangout, meet new people; somewhere where teens can relax in.” Adult and Teen Services Librarian Catherine Seneris said. “Basically it keeps them out of trouble.”

Teens are also able to connect with each other on a deeper level through teamwork during tournaments. Many have even become comfortable enough to share their successes and failures with each other. Because of its relaxing and friendly atmosphere, Teen Video Gaming Night attracts many positive responses from its attending guests.

“It’s a good way for people to get together and have a good time” states incoming high school senior Gabriel Salazar.

With the wish of creating activities for both boys and girls, the Temple City Library started the Teen Video Gaming Night two years ago with games contributed by Friends of the Temple City Library and the County of Los Angeles.

Teen Video Gaming Night is also designed to make teens feel included within the many diverse programs the library holds. Working to expand the teen area in the library and finding other ways to bring teens into a fun environment is also part of the process of making teens feel included.

“I am always concerned with asking them for feedback.” Seneris said. “I want them to feel when they come to the library that it is not for me, but for them.”

The success of Teen Video Gaming Night continues to increase as summer begins to come to an end and more students join in on the video gaming craze.


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