City Marks One Year Anniversary of Smoking Ban

The ban on smoking in public parks took effect last August.

Written by JANETTE TANG / Published September 3, 2010

A year after Temple City enacted a ban on smoking in public parks, residents still praise Ordinance 09-928.

Ordinance 09-928, which took effect last August, bans individuals from smoking in any of the City’s parks. This includes the buildings, outdoor areas, and parking lots.

Those who do not comply will be issued a citation, but since then, none have been issued, according to Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Burroughs.

“After this ordinance was passed, there have not been any citations [issued],” Burroughs said.

The director continued: “It is a good thing. A lot of cities have this ordinance already and a lot of children go to the parks, so it is really a good thing.”

Another benefit of Ordinance 09-928: less trash lying on the ground.

“There is also less maintenance in the parks because we do not have to go around picking up cigarette buds,” she said.

Temple City residents who use the parks equally praised the city law.

“It’s great,” resident Nancy Lam said. “I can enjoy the fresh air during the time I spend outdoors for my strolls in Temple City’s parks.”

Another agreed.

Resident Joan Li said, “I go to Temple City’s parks all the time with my two sons. It is great that they can run and play in an area that is free of smoking.”

The movement to ban smoking in the City’s public parks officially began in 2009. In May, anti-smoking activists such as, Friends of Clean Air, Pasadena Tobacco Prevention Coalition, and Coalition for a Tobacco Free L.A. County testified before the City Council to urge councilmembers to pass the proposed law.

Besides Temple City, other cities such as Pasadena and South Pasadena have banned smoking in their public parks.


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