Trash Poll to Gauge Residents’ Opinions

Residents asked to weigh current trash collection service.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published September 3, 2010

Temple City residents will soon have an opportunity to express their opinions on the current trash collection service.

Councilman Tom Chavez on Tuesday reported that the Athens ad hoc committee was prepared to approve a residential poll on trash, pending minor revisions.

Drafted by city officials and representatives of Athens Services, the survey will ask Temple City residents and businesses whether they would be in favor of keeping the status quos or exploring new trash service options, he said during the February 2, 2010 city council meeting.

According to Chavez, the purpose of the poll is help the City Council determine how the City wants it to proceed. He also noted that there may be an incentive for those who participate in the optional survey.

Residents could return the survey cards by mail or voice their opinions online.

If the community wants to change the current waste collection service, such as making a shift from manual to automatic service, Athens Services may hold town hall meetings, city staff previously stated.

Public Safety Officer Bryan Arrizumi said in December: “If the survey shows that City residents are interested in automatic or want additional information, Athens may host several workshops throughout Temple City.”

A switch would save Temple City residents anywhere from less than a dollar to three dollars and sixty cents per month.

Moreover, the City’s environmental footprint will likely be reduced because Temple City would need to finance the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles.

Results of the trash poll are expected to be finalized by the end of March, Councilman Chavez stated.

Mayor Pro Tempore Vincent Yu, the other councilperson serving on the Athens ad hoc committee, added that the survey will be available in three languages.

The Athens ad hoc committee was formed last August to study the current trash collection service and to determine whether the 30-year evergreen contract with Athens Services was necessary.


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