Property Owners to Consider New Plan for Alpha Beta Site

City officials recently met with owners to discuss long-vacant parcel.

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published September 3, 2010

The owners of the Alpha Beta property, a site that has been vacant for decades, has agreed to consider submitting a new site plan, the city manager on Thursday reported.

City Manager Jose Pulido and Mayor Pro Tempore Vincent Yu recently met with the two owners of the property, Michael Huang and Karena Sujo.

“After some discussion, they both agreed to consider submitting either a commercial retail site plan or a mixed-use site plan for the City’s evaluation,” Pulido wrote in the January 28, 2010 weekly city manager’s report.

The owners expressed their concern with previous inference from Temple City and its officials, Pulido said.

“Both Mayor Pro Tem Yu and I assured them that the City would indeed give their development proposals serious consideration as it moves through the City development entitlement process,” he said.

In April 2008, Huang and Sujo indicated that they were considering the development of a mixed-use project on that parcel. Other ideas previously mentioned include senior, low-income housing, a commercial shopping center, or even a five to six story hotel.

Then-Mayor Cathé Wilson expressed concern that any development of the Alpha Beta site would absorb the City-owned properties on Primrose Avenue. Wilson did not want to sell the properties or lose the public parking lot adjacent to the Alpha Beta site.

The Alpha Beta site sits on the corner of Woodruff Avenue and Temple City Boulevard.


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