Eight Things to Do before Summer Ends

Everything any person of any age or background should accomplish by the time summer ends.

Written by JASON WU / Published August 27, 2010

Let’s face it—summer is only a few weeks from ending and I’m sure many of you still have things you want to do before you say goodbye to the hot weather and hello to the browning leaves. Here are a few things you might be interested in doing before the change of seasons.

Go to the beach! Even for people who detest the sand and sea because of whatever reason—maybe that potbelly is discouraging you—can still visit the pier at Santa Monica. They have that carnival-style theme park and plenty of random people grandstanding, displaying their talents.

It should be a given that you absolutely must go see a Concert at the Park, yet some people still haven’t! If you’re one of those people, you still have time to catch the last one next week featuring classic rock and the band, “The Answer”.

Why not shop for new clothes? There are plenty of places out of the norm, like the Citadel Outlet, where you can find attire for a relatively low price. With the summer days diminishing, it’s time to pick up some new clothes for the fall, especially when you need to keep up with the changing styles. Maybe your wardrobe won’t mind a new blazer or pair of slacks.

Instead of eating at your regular Chinese restaurant or burger joint, why not try something new? Something that is out of your comfort zone? Maybe something you might not think you like? Plus, even if you end up not liking it, at least you know from that point on that for sure you don’t like it. You won’t know anything until you try! I tried Burmese food just a few days ago out of a whim and although I didn’t really think much of it, at least I now know that if I want something exotic or out of my normal diet, a Burmese restaurant is not the place to go for me.

Have you ever been to the Getty museum in downtown Los Angeles? It is a great place to take your family (anyone under 18 automatically gets in free) and is definitely a very classy place to take your significant other on a date. They regularly update their exhibits and have events so it should be time to check them out before they end.

Even with the traditional Fourth of July barbecues done and over with, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t fire up the grill yet again! It’s still a great time to be out in the backyard with grilled chicken or steak, a Guinness, and some good company.

For some, it may seem like something that you would not want to find yourself doing when you have free time, but it still is a good experience to go visit a city council meeting on Tuesday nights at 7:30 P.M. This is still your city and as long as you are updated with current events that directly affect you, you can rest easy knowing you will make decisions on voting days without the uncertainty that you may or may not have gotten your facts straight.

It’s been a while but there is still debate about whether the iPhone 4 or the HTC Evo is the better 4G smart phone! It may seem childish and a bit ridiculous to do, but when you and your friend really get into it, you’ll find that this isn’t just some schoolroom debate, this is serious business, albeit for a very unimportant reason. Just make sure you two still stay friends after you completely overwhelm him or her with your vast knowledge of cellular technology.

You may have your own agenda or ideas on how to spend your summer and that is totally fine. Your summer is totally how you make it. You might still not have time to do the activities you might want to do—perhaps if you are a student, you are still catching up on your AP homework that you are still procrastinating on, or if you have a job, the demands of it might be too great right now for you to take a break. Regardless of whether you can enjoy the end of your summer, just keep cool.


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