Students Register for Upcoming Year at TCHS

Last week, high school students went through the arduous process of setting up their classes.

Written by GRACE TRAN / Published August 27, 2010

With the summer days dwindling down and students heading back to school soon, Temple City High School reopens its gates for registration.

For the seniors, August 19th marked the last high school registration ever. Juniors had their registration on August 20th, sophomores on the 23rd, and the freshman on the 24th, and late registration for all grades on the 26th.

With the hustle and bustle or registration, it’s easy to get lost or confused, especially for incoming freshmen. The frustration that comes along with registration was not too unbearable despite the scorching temperatures. Some problems did arise when it came to senior schedules, however. Many seniors were left confused as to why there was a class missing, or why their schedule had a hole. However, for many, this problem was easily fixed with the help of a wonderful guidance counselor. ASB President, senior, Gabriel Jimenez who facilitated registration had this to say.

“Registration requires a lot of willing workers to jump into various jobs and try their best. ASB Leadership is going to great lengths this year to emphasize the fact that everyone in the student body is part of ASB. ASB deserve so much more from us– and this year they will get from making dances ten times better to including their voice in all Leadership matter and even to putting on free events for school bonding!”

In addition to the changes made to ASB Leadership this year, other programs were rebooted. For students, the traditional five-digit, student identification number was disband this year and replaced with a new ten digit number. Also getting a makeover this year at TCHS, is the way students access their lunch account. Each student previously used their student lunch pin to input their information in the lunch computers, however this coming school year, students will be required to show their identification card instead. Also, another noticeable change was the absence of TCHS Guidance Counselor, Stephen Chang.


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