New Members to Serve on Youth Committee

This group of adolescents will begin their terms on the Committee on September 7.

Written by TAYLOR EVANKO / Published August 20, 2010

Seven young residents of Temple City were chosen by a selection committee to serve on the Temple City Youth Committee in order to give a greater voice to the youth in Temple City.

This new committee will continue the work of the inaugural Youth Committee, which was in effect from March through June of this year. The inaugural committee has already created significant precedence for the incoming members, including establishing goals and creating a mission statement.

The selection panel was in search of capable individuals between the ages of 12 and 18 who were dedicated to ennobling the opinions of Temple City’s youth.

“We focused on what their individual backgrounds would bring to resolving issues affecting our city’s young men and women,” said Mayor Pro Tem Tom Chavez. “We were also looking for a group of individuals that would be able to make the commitment to attending meetings and city events, while at the same time having enough time to handle their personal calendar and school.”

Mayor Pro Tem Chavez, Planning Commissioner Patrick Horton, and Parks and Recreation Commissioner Dan Arrighi have been proactive in overseeing the establishment and continued development of the Youth Committee.

Prior to this current Youth Committee, Temple City established a similar youth commission in 1969. This commission held comparable goals and responsibilities, however it only lasted three years due to a lack of organization and support from the City Council.

“I, as well as other members of the Council, felt it was important to once again give voice to our youth,” said Chavez. “With issues of re-development and the possibility of new business coming in to our town, we felt it was important for our young men and women to become involved and to express their specific views and wishes.”


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