Temple City Teen Builds an I.T. Consultation Firm

A high school student, unable to find work at a company, decides to make and run his own business.

Written by DANNY TSANG / Published August 20, 2010

Zeltor Technology Solutions is a new teen-based organization located in San Gabriel that is dedicated to providing quality computing assistance for businesses.

The business was founded in June by 17-year old Mark Lamb, who will enroll as a senior at Temple City High School this upcoming September.

“It was the perfect thing for me,” Lamb said. “I needed something to do over the summer.”

The business generally focuses on web design and general consulting in addition to fixing computer programs and teaching companies how to best utilize their software. It also offers detailed suggestions as to what cost-efficient technology would prove to be the most beneficial to businesses so that they could save both time and money. The computerized programs that Zeltor Tech provides assist in safeguarding files, along with aiding company employees to better communicate with each other.

Before providing their services to an organization, Zeltor Tech will perform a risk-free evaluation of the business and it will show its client the types of benefits that it can offer. If the customer is not satisfied with the computer support that it receives, then Zeltor Tech’s services will be free of charge.

Zeltor Tech’s customers vary from small businesses, non-profit or for-profit organizations, home-office professionals, and churches as well.

So far, Zeltor Tech is staffed by eight employees who either currently attend a high school or college. All employees are given special training so that they are fully capable of effectively tackling the needs of their customers and building strong relationships with their clients.

In the future, Lamb hopes to expand Zeltor Tech and become more widespread by applying as an authorized Google reseller so that it would be permitted to market its own Google applications to a wider variety of businesses.

The company is scheduled to be a member of the Temple City Chamber of Commerce and will be featured in an article in the Temple City Life this September. Lamb will also serve as the Chairman of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Temple City.

Zeltor Tech can be contacted through phone at (626) 665—4213 or via email at Mark@ZeltorTech.com.


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