Kang-Smith Reflects, Looks Forward to Third Year as Superintendent

The Superintendent of the Temple City Unified School District, Chelsea Kang-Smith looks to her third year of service with excitement and positive direction.

Written by AMY FAN / Published August 6, 2010

As the Superintendent of the Temple City Unified School District (TCUSD), Chelsea Kang-Smith looks forward to her third year of service with excitement and positive direction.

Kang-Smith has been enthusiastic about the Temple City schools since her first day. “I loved the fact that I saw the kids open their new textbooks, sit under the shade and read,” Kang-Smith said. “It was wonderful to see.”

She expressed a joy in seeing children immerse themselves in learning and positive thinking. She is especially proud of the rise in API scores in the schools.

A few of her personally regarded achievements at TCUSD include improving the wireless network for better access in technology and creating better unification between staff members.

Having noted problems with the gym at Oak Avenue Intermediate School, Kang-Smith collaborated with the maintenance group and Temple City businesses to renovate the gym by fixing the air conditioning and changing the carpet floor to tile. The gym will be ready by the time students return to school.

This year, Kang-Smith will also be putting her new intervention program in place at the high school. This intervention program will tutor and help struggling or needy students during lunch.

“I believe in the importance of education in providing for our students in the future.” Kang-Smith said. “People gauge success differently.”

It also includes setting a strong foundation for freshmen, who will be mentored by trained upperclassmen volunteers. When it comes to education, Kang-Smith stresses in making progress and not settling for standards.

“The most important thing to focus on is continuing in and focusing in on what we can do to always improve.” said Kang-Smith. “We can always improve.”

What she hopes to see most, however, is the end of budget cuts. “It’s not fair to suffer through ups and downs on the state’s financial crises.” said Kang-Smith. “Legislators need to work better to protect us.”

For the next year, Kang-Smith plans to continue with progress and renovation. She hopes to set forth her new “Team Healthy” idea for implementing healthy relationships, minds, bodies and relationships. A theme for the next year, she plans to improve the school system by emphasizing healthiness for the students and staff. Another plan is to internalize the program by strengthening teacher relationships.

“The district feels like a positive family.” Kang-Smith said. “We need to keep focused on that—that we do what’s right for our students and staff, the most professional way we can.”


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