Catching Up with Former Staff Connie Lu

Former Temple City Voice staff member Connie Lu shares about her experiences during her time writing for the publication.

Written by TRACY CHEN / Published July 30, 2010

Graduating from Temple City High School in 2008, Connie Lu served on Temple City Voice as a staff writer and is now going into her third year at University of California, San Diego.

When Lu wrote for Temple City Voice, the organization was only established for two short years. Lu, however, felt that being a staff writer offered her the chance to have a closer relation with the community since she was responsible for going to commissioning meetings, the Board of Education meetings, and other assigned events.

“My experience with local politics made me realize the intricacies and hard work that is put into all the meetings,” Lu said. “ [I also see] how much dedication needs to be put in such responsibilities.”

Being active within the community truly opens people’s eyes to see how they, as citizens, can express their opinions and contribute their voices. It is extremely important for people to be informed at all times so that everybody can participate in making the community a better place.

“I feel that TCV was a great experience,” Lu said. “I have more of an appreciation for politics and being informed with the happenings of our government.”

Lu felt that her time with TCV influenced her choices for college in some way. The experiences as a staff writer helped her gain the skills she needed for various classes she took in college, and also helped her along a career path because to Lu, being able to communicate to adults and other community members comfortably and well is a vital skill to have.

Currently, Lu is an incoming college junior attending UCSD. She chose to major in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Doing all the hard work, Lu wishes to attend graduate school and continue her education in the field of science.

“I have some interest in oncology and lab work,” Lu said. “so I hope to be able to find my passion there.”


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