Temple City to Solicit Proposals for a Study of the Downtown Area Parking

City Council votes to keep two-hour parking restriction.

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published July 30, 2o10

The City Council on Tuesday gave City Manager Jose Pulido the authority to issue a request for proposals for a comprehensive study of the downtown parking area, while voting down a staff recommendation to remove the two-hour restriction on parking in downtown Temple City.

The vote on January 19 was 4-0-1. Councilwoman Judy Wong abstained.

“We’re trying to solicit what other people are

going to see [the parking study] professionally without having to spend the money,” Pulido said while the City Council discussed the merits of a potentially costly survey.

Estimates for a comprehensive parking study range from $50,000 to $100,000, Public Safety Officer Bryan Ariizumi stated.

While all city council members supported the comprehensive parking survey, Councilwoman Wong abstained because she was not in favor of keeping the two-hour parking restriction.

According to Wong, some Temple City residents have complained to her about having to move their vehicles from one place to another before they finished their shopping in Temple City.

But, Councilman Vincent Yu disagreed. Yu felt keeping the restrictions was more business and consumer friendly.

“It is more business friendly to leave the 2-hour parking,” he said.

Yu also said that businesses should consider leaving parking spaces available to consumers instead of permitting their employees to fill the limited spaces.

Still, Wong was not alone in her opposition to the 2-hour parking restriction. Councilman Tom Chavez indicated that the 2-hour parking restriction did not make Temple City more business friendly.

“I think leaving the 2-hour parking restriction does not make us business friendly,” he said.

Last December, a study released by then-economic consultant Avant Garde, revealed that bank employees were parking in spaces reserved for customers.

The study also indicated that bank employees were collaborating with one another. For example, when an employee’s two-hour time limit was reached, the guard would inform the vehicle’s owner. The employee would then move his car to a different space.

The City Council on Tuesday also voted to authorize the city manager to negotiate with the School District to allow city employees use its large parking lot.


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