Temple City Voice Turns Four Years Old Today

Since July 2006, the Temple City Voice has provided media coverage for the City of Temple City.

Written by GRACE TRAN / Published July 23, 201o

For the first time since its publication in 2006, Temple City Voice received its first ever proclamation from Temple City. On Tuesday, the city held a ceremony honoring and recognizing the contributions TCV has made towards its community.

“It was a really proud moment,” Editor Emeritus Margaret Thi said. “Everyone who has been a part of the Voice has put a lot of effort and time into the publication, so finally getting that recognition from the city means a lot to us.”

Celebrating its fourth year, to many, would not seem like a milestone, however, to founder Matthew Wong, four years is just as important as ever.

“To be honest, I can’t believe it has already been four years,” Wong said, who founded TCV in July 2006. “The fact that the T.C. Voice is thriving and making a difference within our community is awesome. Personally, I am proud that we have been able to progress from our humble roots.”

Receiving no financial help from city of Temple City, TCV is a student run, nonprofit organization, dedicated to educating the residents of Temple City about the happenings within their community.

Earlier this summer, Wong and the outgoing editor-in-chief promoted Senior Editor Jason Wu. Sophia Chang, the outgoing editor-in-chief, will step down on July 31. Wu will officially assume his duties on August 1.

“I’m going to miss the meetings and interactions with the staff,” Chang said. “Jason had the most experience out of all the candidates, not only as an editor of the Voice, but also as a stand-in Editor in Chief for a week.”

As TCV celebrates its four year anniversary and heads into its fifth year, incoming Editor-in-Chief Jason Wu is looking forward to not only a new year but also working closely with his new executive team.

“I’m keenly interested in working with a group of excellent and hardworking people,” Wu said. “I have faith in my staff to work hard, get things done, and grow.”

As TCV enters its fifth year, besides reporting local news, the Voice hopes to inspire the residents to participate and become more active in their community. After all, “a more educated community is a better community,” Wong stated.


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